Oh Those Crazy Gays

File this under quote of the week:

Gays represent a small percentage of the population, but they are powerful church leaders, politicians, judges, and movie executives. For the most part they are white males who have sexed themselves out on perverted sex and they are never satisfied.

That’s a writing sample from the crazy lady what got dragged off kicking and screaming after trying to attack Barack Obama with a letter telling him not to give in to the Satanic forces of Gay America. Seriously. Read the whole thing.

That’s deranged with a capital D. The only good thing about this is that, for once, it’s not some crazy cracker foaming at the mouth about the gays. Let some other group claim the lunatic.

I do think Reverend Brenda Lee buried the lead though. According to Rev. Lee, “Several months ago, the practice of priests sleeping with Protestant virgins before their marriage to Catholic males surfaced.”

(Via Gawker)

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