Sotomayor and the Dangerous Douche Bag

Uh-oh. It turns out that Sonia Sotomayor has ruined her chances with the Web 2.0 crowd, choosing the wrong side in a free-speech blogging issue. Now she’ll never get nominated!

Avery Doninger was disqualified from running for school government at Lewis S. Mills High School in Burlington after she posted something on her blog, referring to the superintendent and other officials as “douche bags” because they canceled a battle of the bands she had helped to organize.

And Sotomayor, using her superpowers — “Empathy” and “Latina Wisdom” — ruled against little Avery! Actually, she and the other judges said they felt Avery’s pain and didn’t think the punishment fit the crime, but figured it was none of their damn business what the school did to her. In other words: “Sorry, kid. Now scram.” (Which is actually a very valuable lesson for children these days.)

I have no doubt Sotomayor will be able to best what’s left of the Republican party. But how she expects to be appointed without the support of Twitterers, Bloggers and BoingBoing nation is beyond me.

4 thoughts on “Sotomayor and the Dangerous Douche Bag

  1. This is what happens when you scrape the bottom of the barrel, scrape out the bottom itself and start digging shit up that was underneath the barrel.

  2. This is what happens when the barrel overflows with past decisions that make a SCOTUS nominee look like a judge who got her juris doctor online.

    Empathy, “latina” pride, and policy making. Wow. She really understands the constitution. Or perhaps, the antithesis thereof.

  3. Isn’t Obama the guy who said “transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this administration”? In fact, hasn’t he been throwing around the phrase “rule of law” a LOT lately, especially when talking about Guantanamo or waterboarding? How does he reconcile that with an appointee who relies on “empathy”? Hell, why even appoint anyone, then? Just do a call-in, like on “American Idol,” for whomever you like the best, or use a magic 8-ball.

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