Time for Tourism

My son Nicholas turned 11 today. I don’t discuss him much here because when I blog I try to blog with either humor or anger and, well, either is likely to embarrass a child–if not now, then later.

He lives down in Louisiana with his mom. Most of the visiting involves me going down there. He came up to New York last summer for my wedding. He enjoyed it but I didn’t get to spend much time with him because, duh, I was getting married.

So tomorrow he arrives in New York with my mom. I can’t fricking wait. I love playing tour guide in New York. Sure, usually, it involves adults and a tour of places to get drunk, but this is going to be about six hundred times cooler.

On the agenda: Yankees-Mets game; Metropolitan Museum of Art (he saw Natural History last year); dim sum (which should be interesting considering the picky nature of 11 year olds); Phantom of the Opera; Nintendo Store*; Intrepid Museum; the Bodies exhibit*; and Coney Island (including Shoot the Freak and the aquarium).

How sweet is that gonna be? Pretty damn sweet, that’s how sweet.

*Today on the phone, I told him the Nintendo Store burned down, which he did not find funny.

**Given the choice between Statue of Liberty and Bodies exhibit, it took him approximately zero seconds to decide on Bodies, followed up with the following question: “Do they have chainsaws at the exhibit?”

2 thoughts on “Time for Tourism

  1. Hope you guys have a wonderful time. I would have also chosen the bodies. Hehe. Fun fun.

  2. No Chinatown???!!! there’s nothing wilder than seeing lobsters and other creatures jumping off storefronts and right on your feet while standing on Canal Street… A dream come true for any 11 year old (even one from Louisiana)…

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