Mets or Yankees? For Whom Shall I Cheer

So I’m taking my kid and my mom and my wife to the Yankees vs. Mets game at Yankee Stadium. I’m sure I’ll be called a gutless commie by both sides, but I don’t know who to pull for.

The background is I grew up in Louisiana, without baseball. (Hell, considering the default status of the Saints, you could say I grew up without football, too.) Famous Cajun Ron Guidry, of course, played for the Yankees. My first baseball game was an Astros vs. Mets matchup in the Astrodome, where I pulled for the Mets. When I moved to New York, I moved in with a Yankee fan. I’ve been to numerous games at the old Yankee Stadium and never set foot in Shea. Hell, I’ve been to Camden Yards and last fall found me in Philadelphia for a Phillies win that turned out to be the first in their amazing run to the Series.

Also, I’m a fair-weather baseball fan in the best of circumstances — and neither the Mets nor the Yankees are providing the best of circumstances. (One final note: I own a Yankees cap. I have no Mets gear.)

So who’s it gonna be?

9 thoughts on “Mets or Yankees? For Whom Shall I Cheer

  1. I’d say Yankees, only because you own some gear. And you didn’t have a “Neither” option. For me, Clevelanders are supposed to be genetically predisposed to hate the Yankees. BUT, since I’m already genetically predisposed to hate sports in general, I think they cancel each other out.

    Crap…who put golf on my tv?

  2. Atlanta Braves

    Wearing a Braves hat in NY (especially against the Mets) is always lots of fun. I recommend you try it a few times as I have. You are bound to come away from the evening with many new suggestions from the NY fans on how to have sex with yourself (or your cousin, for that matter).

    Beer is good for the skin which is excellent since I have at least 1 Miller Light thrown at me in the course of an evening.

    Yes, I vote for Braves. Have fun!

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