Jail Time for Rude Subway Riders?

Give up your seat. Or else. According to CBS, “a new campaign reminds subway and bus riders to give up reserved seats to the elderly or disabled. Those who refuse could be fined $25 to $50 — or even face up to 10 days in jail.”

Well, isn’t that fine and dandy. I’m all for this, of course, but I do have some concerns. Who’s defining elderly here? And what if I can’t tell the difference between a pregnant woman and one who’s been pounding a few too many beers recently?

But my bigger complaint is that this doesn’t go nearly far enough. What about the assholes who take up two seats, either by spreading their legs wide or just throwing all their crap in the spot next to them? What about sunflower-seed eaters and finger-nail spitters? What about the salami slingers and diaper changers?

3 thoughts on “Jail Time for Rude Subway Riders?

  1. What could a opst about Rosa Park’s death possibly have to do with this…oh…seats? Odd.

    I like this law. I would like it better if citizen’s were allowed to do the arresting/head cracking. I would be that citizen!

  2. Hm. What if someone looks young and healthy, but recently had surgery, or has some other “invisible” illness? Do they have to disclose their poor physical health in order to avoid being arrested?

    This is weird.

    I give up my seat regularly and see other people do the same.

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