Hey, Ken, When Can I Get Your Book?

The First Annual Grand Prairie Rabbit Festival Cover
The First Annual Grand Prairie Rabbit Festival Cover
Not an hour goes by without some excited fan approaches me shyly and says, “Excuse me, Mr. Wheaton, but when can I buy this ‘First Annual Grand Prairie Rabbit Festival‘ novel I’m hearing so much about?”

And then I say, “Can’t you see I’m dining on fresh champagne and old snails with intellectuals almost as smart as I? Why must you interrupt me during my repast?”

Okay. That hardly ever happens. But, to answer your question. THE OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE FOR ‘THE FIRST ANNUAL GRAND PRAIRIE RABBIT FESTIVALIS DEC. 29.


This gets a little tricky. I’ve been told that books show up in stores and ship from Amazon a week or two BEFORE the official release date. Which means “The First Annual Grand Prairie Rabbit Festival” could be in stores or in your house before Christmas. While I think it would make an excellent gift to put under the Christmas tree, the Hanukkah bush, the Festivus pole or what have you, I can’t guarantee 100% for sure that the book will be there. And the first rule of customer service (are you listening cellphone companies and airlines?) is: Don’t lie to the damn customer!

So there you have it. Dec. 29 is the official release date.

What can you do to help? Join the Facebook group and invite all your friends to join the Facebook group. Also, if you want to pre-order on Amazon, by all means, pre-order on Amazon. A sale, as they say, is a sale.

One thought on “Hey, Ken, When Can I Get Your Book?

  1. To get the most PR from the launch. consider:
    a) the dates of the festival itself
    b) launching the book on november 25th and the following day have a float in the Macy’s Parade
    c) Have someone from Louisiana (Fats Domino, Harry whatziznamejunior, Paul Prudhomme, Jude Acers, Bobby Jindal) do a book tour
    d) Announce that the festival has been cancelled because of Hurricane Katrina and apply for Tarp funds as a bank underwater
    e) Focus on a TV station that might be interested in you and your book….say Fox Business News…or Red-Eye on Fox News Channel or Morning Joe on MSNBC or The View…all of these outlets might be good, but Oprah might also be interested in a book that does whatever you say it does

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