A Louisiana-Infused Interview With Me

Amy Reynolds Alexander, proprietor of Granola Rouge, interviewed me for In Register magazine. It’s a demographic I never really considered, but a good one to be in front of. At any rate, In Register’s site is difficult to navigate and at 300 words, the interview was whacked down, so you can read the entire thing at Granola Rouge if you’re into that sort of thing.

Thanks for Making My First Time Great

We’re coming up on the one-year mark since the release of my very first book, The First Annual Grand Prairie Rabbit Festival. And i just want to take a moment to thank every single person out there who read it, bought it, borrowed it, used it in book clubs, talked about it, and gave it to others as gifts (hey, there’s still time for that!). Thanks too for the help on Twitter and Facebook, for taking photos of my baby in places like California and Ohio and Georgia and the Carolinas and Brooklyn and Ireland and even Manhattan.
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I’m Reading. Again. This Time In Louisiana

I’ll get back to proper blogging, I promise. I have to let you know how the Hamptons Half Marathon went and my very strong feelings about hippie peanut butter. But first!

I’m reading from The First Annual Grand Prairie Rabbit Festival again. Twice. In Eunice, Louisiana. On the same day.


NOON: LSUE Library. Work nights? Got no job? Come on out. See me put some college kids to SLEEP.

7 p.m.: Cafe Mosaic, located at 202 South 2nd Street, Eunice, LA, 70535.

(I’m also reading in upstate New York next Wednesday. And cooking, too. I’ll post about that later)

Kindness, The Clap and Calvin and Hobbes

Way back in my freshman year in college, I was so stupid I didn’t realize how stupid I was. And to be honest, so were my friends. But we all were. We were, 17, 18, 19 and didn’t know any better. And that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Startling insight, I know. How did I ever come up with that? And why am I boring you with it now.
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