The MTA Strikes Again

I have trouble figuring out a 20 percent tip on a $100 check, but I guarantee you I could do better budgeting than the morons over at the MTA. Once again, THEIR PROJECTIONS ARE COMPLETELY WRONG! (Sorry for the all caps, but that was me talking to my TV this morning.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s revenue projections are suddenly running $200 million below what was expected, while the agency is coping with $143 million in cuts in state financing, agency officials said on Monday.

SUDDENLY? They’re SUDDENLY running below what was expected? How does that happen? Who’s the idiot making the projections? (Then again, considering that analysts at big-name firms predicted a 5% increase in retail sales this holiday season, perhaps the entire “analysis industry” is doing its part to hire special-needs workers.)

But the question remains? How does the MTA still exist? Bloomberg broke up the school boards with help from the state. They can’t take down a board made up of his rich friends? … Oh. I see.

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