Says . . .

Another review:

THE FIRST ANNUAL GRAND PRAIRIE RABBIT FESTIVAL succeeds nicely at being a light-hearted, enjoyable story yet with some challenging concepts in the background. Many of these are approached sympathetically, with approaches to racism and sexual preference immediately coming to mind. But the book focuses to a much greater extent on the ways in which Christians approach each other and also other congregations. Perhaps the greatest focus of all is the ways that people choose to view human vices. Yet the book never comes off as entirely serious and is always enjoyable to read. From the beginning, author Ken Wheaton does a fabulous job of acquainting readers with his great community and also integrating his writing with authentic Louisiana culture.

The site was also kind enough to interview me. Why did I write this book? Who is Father Steve based on? How much French do you need to speak in Louisiana? All those answers and more right here.

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