Stacking Up

Watch me mumble. Watch my shirt dance. Here I am on Stacked Up TV. And if you get tired of looking at me, you can read a little rant I posted about the process. According to me, “at times it looks like I’m doing a bad job of trying to pass a lie-detector test, what with the shifty eyes.” Hey, they asked!

Also, I totally tried to promote all the kind people who’ve helped me out in some way or other, but it all went out in the editing process. So, if you haven’t already, go buy the following books.

Darren Campo’s Alex Detail’s Revolution

Matthew Quick’s The Silver Linings Playbook

Peter Melman’s The Landsman

Luis Urrea’s Into the Beautiful North (and any of his other six million awesome books)

3 thoughts on “Stacking Up

  1. Ken, do you know the name of the song (and artist) that ends the interview? There should be a law that requires people to list that info when they use music for a video or television show. It’s so frustrating.

    Good interview too, by the way. Laid back, self deprecating, informative. Very bloggy.

  2. TA,
    The music credits are listed on
    But here they are

    “I Told You Not to Write Again”
    Arthur Yoria
    Magnatune Records
    “Looking Glass Mass”
    Aaron Ross
    Grass Roots Record Co.

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