Nanny-State Jackass of the Week: Felix Ortiz

The Brooklyn Democrat Felix Ortiz, a state assemblyman in New York, “has introduced a bill that would ban the use of salt in New York restaurants – and violators would be smacked with a $1,000 fine for every salty dish.”

Of course, he’s portraying this as a way to save lives. What kills me is that anyone is even taking this joker seriously enough to debate him on the harm to the restaurant industry or the quality of food. I’m going to guess that Felix Ortiz is a man-child who’s never cooked a single meal in his life. Perhaps his mama still cooks his meals. And he’s obviously never worked in a restaurant. Probably doesn’t know a thing about food preservation.

Hey, Felix? Don’t like salt? Don’t eat it. And if your constituents have health issues supposedly related to salt, tell them to stay there asses home and eat fresh vegetables and fruits. The rest of us, we who actually have some element of personal responsibility and self-control remaining, kindly request you leave us alone.

One thought on “Nanny-State Jackass of the Week: Felix Ortiz

  1. This has been the obvious next step since health care’s first appearance as a campaign issue.

    In the potential Orwellian future, we will probably have to fill-out governmental tax-like forms with our family’s medical history, current personal medical profile (blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.) and the projected medical treatment we will need — then we’ll be taxed accordingly to some paradigm related to how Social Security, Medicare, etc. works.

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