Ookla the Mok Will Defeat Justin Bieber

I am sick and tired of Justin Bieber getting all the fame and buzz on the Twitter box. I think it’s high time for a new flavor of the month. So I am launching a campaign for Ookla the Mok. Who is Ookla the Mok, you ask? No, not the band that created the first monkey rock opera, but rather the best friend of Thundarr the Barbarian and former slave of the wizard Sabian until freed by Princess Ariel. Not only can he rip apart a car with his bare hands, he’s great with a longbow. Can Justin Bieber do that? No. Can Justin Bieber ride an equort? No. In fact, the only thing Bieber has on Ookla the Mok is that Bieber probably isn’t deathly afraid of water. But he MIGHT be! And while Ookla might be a ripoff of Chewbaca, Bieber is obviously little more than a hairless Ewok.

So do your part. Blog, Twitter and Facebook about Ookla the Mok today.

3 thoughts on “Ookla the Mok Will Defeat Justin Bieber

  1. I LOVED Thundarr as a kid! Man, I watched that everyday!!! Would not have been able to tell you that Ookla the Mok was his sidekick’s name though. Also, didn’t realize they picked 1994 as the year the world ended, glad that didn’t happen 🙂

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