Chick With Books Likes My Book

Another review of The First Annual Grand Prairie Rabbit Festival:

The First Annual Grand Prairie Rabbit Festival is light-hearted, fun and an adventure in reading. His characters have a certain charm and resilience that just make you love them. You can tell Ken Wheaton writes with a genuine affection for his characters as they deal honestly with the situations handed to them and no one is ostracized for being “different”. Gently touching on racism and sexual preference, these issues are part of the big picture of the book, but does not overwhelm the story. Hilarious one moment, tender the next, I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent in Grand Prairie.

2 thoughts on “Chick With Books Likes My Book

  1. Hi Ken!
    Thanks for the shout out! I can’t say enough good things about your book! I was at an author event for Pete Nelson the other night and ran into a minister who thought it was hysterical when I told her about the Pentecostal Priest trying to steal “The Flock”. She picked up your book after the talk.

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