The Dread Mill

So probably the nicest running weather in months and I had set myself up for the treadmill. The Nike+ doesn’t exactly play nice with the treadmill, but this was about mile splits or whatever we want to call them. Can I get a Fartlek?

Half mile warm-up: 5 minutes
Mile 1: 7:19
Half mile cool-down: 5 minutes
Mile 2: 7:09
Half mile cool-down: 5 minutes
Mile 3: 7:20
Quarter mile cool-down

I hadn’t done a workout like this since high school. Man, were my times much better then. Two things to note: I’m still holding back way too much on first miles, I think. Also, I was on track to run that last mile faster than that, but the fucking treadmill at the Y, in its infinite wisdom, started forcing cool-downs on me, which dropped the speed to 4.5 miles per hour which meant me scrambling –boop-beep-boop– to get it back up.

Stupid treadmill.

Also, last night I dreamed the toenail on my left big toe turned black and fell off. Just thought I’d share.

Remember, folks, I’m doing this to fight cancer, so think about donating.

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