Your Stinking Corpse

Curled up on the couch the other night, convinced I was about to die from a combination of aneurysm, stroke and cancer, I fell back to playing a game we used to play in grad school.

If you died in your apartment tonight, how many days would it be before someone noticed?

It’s a great game, isn’t it? I’d like to think I’d go at least six days before anyone called the cops. I talk to my parents once a week at best and am notorious for not returning calls. I can also be slow to return emails. Work? I get along well with everyone, but between my drinking and general crankiness, they might just assume I hit the road.

Also, I had the air conditioning on, so it’s not like my body would have started stinking. No pets, either, so no worries about being found a mangled mess of puppy chow.

So how about you? If you live alone, how many days would it take someone to find your body.

For those who have roommates, another fun game to play is this: If your roommate were found dead in your apartment, how long before police questioned YOU? And would you have an alibi that could be corroborated by anyone else?

9 thoughts on “Your Stinking Corpse

  1. I’m a teacher. As soon as the first kid hit the door and I wasn’t there I’d be found. Someone would come a knockin!

  2. My daughter still lives with me so, I’m probably good but if she weren’t, it could take a week. Maybe a little more. Eew.

  3. I’m not sure who would find me, but I’m sure it would be a couple of days. And I hope I’m good and bloated, because fuck them for not checking on me earlier.

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