The Turducken of the Cake & Pie World

For years, a bitter debate has raged in this country of ours over what is better, cake or pie. Now, I’m not going to use this space today to point out what sad, sorry, deluded fools the pro-pie camp is. Pie is nice. Sure. But anyone with the sense God gave a goat knows that cake is far superior, surpassed only by the holy of holies–ice-cream cake. Besides, we all know that pie is simply an attempt by the health fanatics and the industrial fruit lobby to get us to eat more fruit. (Which is why the pie I eat most often is Boston Cream Pie–which is not sullied by whole foods of any sort.)

I’m not here to argue about these things today. I’m here to alert you to a compromise — of sorts. It’s called a “Pumpple cake.” Created by The Flying Monkey bakery in Philadelphia, it is a hybrid of pumpkin pie, apple pie and cake. (Judging by the name of the bakery, these people are geniuses.)

Now, I’m no fan of apple pie — it’s got those slug-like chunks of slithery apple slices in there — and this isn’t as glorious an invention as pumpkin-pie cheesecake, but this creation should be heralded as an attempt to bring two factions together. As Today says, it’s the “dessert equivalent” of a turducken.

It should also be heralded for cramming 1,800 calories in one slice.

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