Gone Fishin’

Greetings from Grand Isle, Louisiana. Down here with Mama and dem for a few days of fishing, sun and tar-ball dodging. What I hadn’t counted on was that Louisiana is turning into some sort of weird desert region. Despite all the worries about flooding from the swollen Mississippi, they haven’t had any damn rain for months. The land is baked and a hot south wind blows constantly.

I’m reading Game of Thrones at the moment, so I’m seeing all weird weather as a sign of prophecy. A sign of something coming. Me!

Take that as you will. But it did start raining yesterday. And again this morning. They’re pop-up showers and the wind hasn’t subsided, but this morning’s storm was so rough it actually stopped us from fishing. But no complaints. The wind keeps it relatively cool and keeps Grand Isle’s legendary mosquitoes away. The company’s good and the food is excellent. The only things I ate yesterday that wasn’t fried: boudin, Twix and a grilled ribeye (over charcoal, like the gods intended) the size of my not inconsiderable head.


2 thoughts on “Gone Fishin’

  1. I’m born and raised in Louisiana, but have never been to Grand Isle. It looks awesome! Who says there are no good beaches in LA? Have a great trip!

  2. Born and bred in Galliano! Keep posting the great articles. Missing the island. I can smell the salt water and feel the humidity all the way here in CT. Enjoy!!

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