2 thoughts on “The World’s Longest Excuse for not Going for a Run

  1. I hate to even ask because the answer I got from another published writer was not so friendly, but you can’t see my face when I ask and possibly get rejected. I wrote two books and self published them. I have them for sale at Amazon.com, and found out that I’m not a writer, merely a story teller. I would like to see if I could mail you both books and have you do with what you will to make them into better books if not material for another one of your books. I just finished the Rabbit Festival book and fell in love with your talent and thought maybe we were similar in Louisiana life observations. Thank you for such a great story and getting me into trouble at work for reading at my desk instead of diligently working.

  2. His Lisa,
    I don’t know why the other writer you asked would have been mean or rude. No cause for that. And thanks for the compliment! But what you’re asking is a great deal. I don’t know about other writers, but the books don’t pay the bills, so I have a full time job on top of trying to write my own stuff (and have a social life). And while editing/rewriting other folks’ stuff can be fun or a challenge, it ends up taking way too much time. Only thing I can think of is maybe trying some of the folks in the creative writing program at UL or one of the other colleges down there. Never know what you might turn up.

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