New York Cable/Internet Question

I want to split with Time Warner.

Actually, I want to hook up with DirecTV because football season is coming up and I want my grubby hands on the NFL package, which DirecTV is now offering for free — or “free.”

But I’ll still need internet and, because my apartment is the cellphone zone of death, a landline.

So then! I check out Verizon, which has a DirecTV, phone, internet bundle. But here are my three huge issues.

1. The internet. Verizon’s idea of high speed is 0.5 to 1 Mbps. TimeWarner claims, I think, up to 10. Now, it may be I won’t be able to tell the difference, but that seems a big difference.

2. The DirecTV package, as offered online, offers no local channels. NO LOCAL CHANNELS! At least make it an option. Or is that where they fuck you? I bet it is.

3. Speaking of no local channels. Giving up Time Warner will mean giving up New York 1. This pains me to consider.

Any thoughts from people living in New York City area? Also, if you’ve dealt with either or both companies, would it be better to order this sort of thing through DirecTV or through Verizon? Which has the better customer service reps?

3 thoughts on “New York Cable/Internet Question

  1. Don’t do Verizon’s 1mbps download! You will want to punch yourself in the face, and your phone’s 3G will be faster than your computer. Stick with TWC for web ($50/month), and then direcTV for TV.

  2. Keep your TWC internet, purchase DirecTV directly. Use an alternative for phone service. I’ve had good luck with Ooma VOIP for landline.

  3. The local channels thing isn’t a problem: just get a set of rabbit ears and you’ll get them all, in hi def, for free. I ditched Time Warner tv last year (replaced with apple TV, Roku and Rabbit ears). I still have their cable internet tho, which is supposedly 10mpbs, and that feels slow at times. I would think that 1 mpbs would be unbearable.

    New York 1 is available through rabbit ears, so you’re all good there. In fact, the hidef channels I get via my rabbit ears (NBC, ABC etc) are higher quality than I ever got from TWC.

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