Are You With Us or Are You With Cancer?

Give till it hurts this much.
Once again, I –along with some of the other chucklemonkeys at Crain Communications — have decided to don the purple and run the Hamptons Half Marathon to raise money for Team in Training and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

That’s right. I need your help in taking Leukemia and Lymphoma out behind the woodshed and beating them right out of existence. With your help last year, I crushed the fund-raising minimum. You not only helped me, you helped others on our team.

And, of course, you helped TNT. Which is the important thing. But this is more than just running around in purple shirts. LLS raises a ton of money and that money has actually helped make big, provable strides in the fight against blood cancer.

Consider this one stat: A kid diagnosed with blood cancer in the 1960s had a 4% chance of survival. A kid today has a 90% chance.

But before we go patting ourselves on the back, I’ll tell you what the coordinator told us. As amazing as that is, imagine putting 10 parents in a room and telling one set of them that their child is going to die.


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