To Infinity and Beyond, Etc.

Look at this and hum “Eye of the Tiger” to yourself. Thank you.
At 7:34 last night, I reached my fundraising goal for Team in Training thanks to an extremely generous donation from Stephane Clare, aka The Real Dawn Summers. She just turned 25 again and must have gotten a lot of birthday money — as well as one of the best birthday presents a New England Patriots and Tom Brady fan could ever get (short of a chance to vanquish Giselle in a duel and then win his hand in marriage.) Seriously go read her birthday post to see what she got for her birthday. Even if–as a rational human being–you despise Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, you’ll find the post funny and touching.

So yes, I reached the goal of $2,350 on the nose.

But meeting some arbitrary goal is not what’s important here.
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