To Infinity and Beyond, Etc.

Look at this and hum “Eye of the Tiger” to yourself. Thank you.
At 7:34 last night, I reached my fundraising goal for Team in Training thanks to an extremely generous donation from Stephane Clare, aka The Real Dawn Summers. She just turned 25 again and must have gotten a lot of birthday money — as well as one of the best birthday presents a New England Patriots and Tom Brady fan could ever get (short of a chance to vanquish Giselle in a duel and then win his hand in marriage.) Seriously go read her birthday post to see what she got for her birthday. Even if–as a rational human being–you despise Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, you’ll find the post funny and touching.

So yes, I reached the goal of $2,350 on the nose.

But meeting some arbitrary goal is not what’s important here.
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For the Price of One Drink …

If you know me, you know I like to have a drink every now and then — now being the evening and then being that night. I also give up drinking from time to time. And what strikes me the most isn’t that I feel any better — I mean I’m not a drunk who spends my days curled up on the couch swearing I’ll never drink again while checking the clock to see if it’s late enough in the day to have a drink without anyone judging me.

What strikes me most is the amount of money saved. Granted, I live in New York and even at my age I frequent bars, so the tab is a little higher than the average bears. But it’s probably lower than many other big-city folk as I’m a fan of lower end bars and straightforward drinks. You usually won’t find me in a “lounge” sipping fancy-pants cocktails. A fancy-pants cocktail, if you’re wondering, is anything that has more than the two following ingredients: whiskey, ice.

Hell, even if you’re just a few beers after work drinker, it starts to add up pretty quick.
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Time to Join Team in Training, Kids. No Excuses.

It’s that time of year! Once again, the purple-shirted cult members of Team in Training are fanning out across the country and across Facebook and Twitter to recruit new members. And this is the year you will join. You will go to an introductory meeting and be inspired (and maybe cry) by the mission of Team in Training and you will get a purple shirt and you will sign up for a race.

A bunch of us at work sign up every year, and every year we try to get more people to run. This year, the coordinator asked me to write an email to be sent out to all of our coworkers in order to cajole and/or guilt them into running. I thought I’d share a modified version with you all.

So. Here are 10 reasons to join Team in Training.
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