About That Sophisticated New York Electorate

After eight years of whining and bitching that George W. Bush is “using fear” to manipulate the masses, New Yorkers scared shitless about their real estate prices and stock portfolios are told by Michael “Hugo Chavez” Bloomberg that if they don’t do away with term limits (“Just this one time. Promise.”), they’ll face even MORE finanical ruin. Scared, they happily grant him his wish.

And now, after an election cycle of crapping all over the mush-mouthed and anti-intellectual Sarah Palin for being too inexperienced (and unable to speak a coherent sentence to the media), will gladly allow Caroline “Um, You Know” Kennedy to become their U.S. Senator.  I don’t like the knuckle-headed strain of the Republican party Sarah Palin came to represent, but she was elected to two offices and took on the established corrupt political dynasty in Alaska. Caroline Kennedy, on the other hand, hasn’t even run for PTA and IS the latest generation of an established corrupt political dynasty. But, hey, god forbid we embarrass her or anything.

Next time a New Yorker starts blabbing about the rubes out in the sticks, it might be fun to remind them that they’re the ones living in a banana republic.

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