Hey Ken, What’s Going on With Your Novel?

Glad you asked! Well, things with The First Annual Grand Prairie Rabbit Festival are moving apace. Hopefully January 2010 will get here sooner rather than later and people will still have money left to buy books. Just last week, the editor asked me for my author’s bio for the book’s cover. (He made me cut out my claims of being the real Batman.) Haven’t taken the author’s photo yet — will likely ask Lisa “Homesick Texan” Fain to do those honors. And haven’t picked out cover art.

In other news, it looks like I’ve got a Hollywood-type agent to complement my literary-type agent. So I’m pretty psyched about that. Granted, I don’t know if there’s a huge market for a mildly humorous story about a straight Cajun priest who DOESN’T molest anything, but we shall see. Hell, if Wild Hogs can get made, anything can. I’ll be talking to the Hollywood-type agent this afternoon hopefully.

Meanwhile, my literary-type agent is leaving the agency for exciting new opportunities. I like the guy and aside from, you know, getting me a book deal, he was also a pretty good editor. So hopefully when the second book is done this summer, he’ll either tackle it or send me in the right direction.

So that’s what’s going on with all of that.

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