The Novel Makes the Rounds

So yesterday The First Annual Grand Prairie Rabbit Festival officially hit bookstore shelves around the country. So far people have been kind enough to send or post photos from various places from Lafayette to Santa Monica. I’ve posted some more of those after the jump. But this one right here might be the cutest photo.

With the exception of one Amazon reviewers, reception so far has been pretty positive. Jessica Gottlieb wrote a review and is on my case to write a sequel. Josh Sternberg was kind enough to write an early review. Little Brown Pen not only wrote a review, she snapped a pick of the book on top of her precious Jane Austen! Thanks to anyone and everyone who’s picked up a copy and offered congratulations or written a review — and don’t be shy with those Amazon and B& reviews. Those actually help (me ego, if nothing else).

Also cool is that it seems to have landed in the “notable” new sections of both Barnes & Noble and Borders. That means complete strangers might stumble across it and pick it up without me bugging them for six months!

Photos below.

The below copy is the first copy that I know of that was purchased in a bookstore, by a Twitter buddy. It was picked up at a Books A Million in the Lake Charles area.

This was taken by my friend Sheila at the Barnes & Noble up the street from my apartment in Brooklyn. Sheila said the book wasn’t out on shelves when she stopped in, but she remedied that situation right quick.

Across the river, the stores in Manhattan had it on display as well.

This was taken by my friend Kamy in Santa Monica, California. Kamy’s been running around Santa Monica getting the word out. I haven’t seen Kamy since, what, sixth grade? Crazy world.

This was taken at the Barnes & Noble in Lafayette, Louisiana (where I’ll be signing January 23). This is the stack most likely to be seen by my family, so it’s a pretty important stack if you ask me.

Driving between Baton Rouge and New Orleans yesterday, it occurred to me I hadn’t seen my own damn book on a real damn bookstore. So I stopped in at the CitiPlace Barnes & Noble in Baton Rouge (where I’ll be signing January 25) and had this here photo of me taken.

It’s also been spotted in Boston and New Jersey and Texas and North Carolina and Alabama and even Kalamazoo! So I’m pretty damn excited, I’d say. If you see it somewhere, snap a pic and send it along. If you don’t see it in your local store, feel free to bug them to order it.

2 thoughts on “The Novel Makes the Rounds

  1. Congratulations Ken! You’re getting great placement in these stores, wow, that’s terrific. Truly! It’s all coming together, fingers crossed that it runs right off the shelves and into the houses of many! Cheers.

  2. It was really nice to meet you last night at your party. My mama called this morning from Melville, and I told her about your book. If she passes info to just one person, it’s sure to make it into the hands of everyone in town.
    Best Wishes,

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