My Novel Reviewed by The Advocate

So Sunday morning, as I was trying to sleep in on my last day of freedom before returning to the grind of the day job, the phone rang. It was my mom. The Daily Advocate — out of Baton Rouge — had reviewed The First Annual Grand Prairie Rabbit Festival. A real book review, in print, where my mom could see it. Now THAT’S what I’m talking about. Even better, Advocate Books Editor Greg Langley liked it. He didn’t love it. But he liked it. Even better than that? Not that the book is exactly complex, but he got at what I was trying to do behind the story. Here’s a little taste:

There are large issues on display in this book which can’t be resolved. There are smaller issues which can be resolved. The key complication is, of course, Father Steve’s attraction to Vicky. In that sense, this book is a romantic comedy and a pretty good one. Wheaton keeps you hanging around to the end to find the answer. Along the way, he gives you some pretty good questions as well.

Read it all.

One thought on “My Novel Reviewed by The Advocate

  1. *smiling* Greg Langley’s a dear, isn’t he? He reviewed my book last year and I was terrified, until I read it – then I relaxed with a big ole sigh of relief.

    I’m reading your book now (from an ARC I picked up at the SIBA Trade show) . . . my husband read it and liked it, passed it back to me – loving it! For me, character is everything and I’m not disappointed. Last night I read the “red devils” part of the book -my husband was asleep and I woke him up laughing out loud – that rarely happens for me – *big fat smile* … anyway, just wanted to congratulate you.

    Oh, and the Louisiana references make me smile – I was born in WVA (my hb in New Orleans) but I lived in Baton Rouge many years (live in Smoky Mountains of WNC now) – South Louisiana, one of a kind -there’s no mistaking it….


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