Cry Me a River, Congresscritters

Oh, poor Charlie Rangel. After years of shady dealings and engaging in behavior that walks the line of illegality, today he may face the harsh punishment of being … publicly shamed.

The horror!

He will be embarrassed. It will tarnish his “legacy.” I was told by someone on TV just now that after an especially long and distinguished career such as his, this can be particularly painful and maybe the guy should be cut some slack. No harm. No foul.

Pretty good being in the House. Maybe if you serve in the Senate long enough you can get a free pass on homicide. “What? Trial? Noooooo. That would tarnish his legacy.”

And before any of my Republican friends get chimpanzee-excited and start hooting and hollering and flinging poo in celebration, please keep in mind this is a bipartisan shit show. Long list of shady Republicans who should be on the streets or in jail at the moment.

Charlie Rangel will cry this afternoon. You can count on it. He will talk about “fairness.” A lawmaker should know that the law should be about justice, not about “fairness,” a squishy word used by mewling kindergartners who’ve been scolded by teacher.

Ultimately, that’s all this is. A scolding. Had any of the rest of us done the things Rangel did we would have been fired from our jobs. Outright. Here’s your shit. Hit the street. Good luck.

Rangel survived Korea. He held on to his job and managed to get reelected despite his behavior. He should consider himself lucky and take his little-kid punishment like a man.

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