Is Morning Media Making You Mopey?

I saw something bad on Twitter.

Full disclosure: The following is purely anecdotal. It’s about as scientifically based as your new obsession with turmeric. 

Hey there, sparky. Quick question for you: Are you starting out the day on the wrong foot? Does it feel like a little cloud develops before you leave the house and follows you out the door? Do you sometimes wake up thinking, “I will crush this day and drink all its delicious juices,” but by the time you get to work you’re only thinking, “I hope I make it to lunch without killing someone or crying”?

Any or all of that sound familiar?

Now, yes. It could very well be actual depression. Depression IS real and should be diagnosed and treated. But it could also be something else, something within your control.

“Yeah. Like my stupid job,” is something you may have just thought.

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Swine Flu Turns You Into an Asshole

A swine flu protest? Brilliant idea. In the midst of media-induced hysteria, we’ve come to believe we live in a community just crawling with swine flu. So let’s get a bunch of people together in one spot and scream, shout and breathe all over one another! (For the record, it seems hardly anyone turned out for the protest. I’m sure swine flu is relieved.)

And when they do close the schools, let the kids go to the mall!

Actually, it’s unfair to call these people assholes and blame it on swine flu. It’s unfair to swine flu. Only one of the 12 or so schools closed has any confirmed cases of actual swine flu.